eZManage® - Legal and Law Firm - Project Management Solution

A Sophisticated and Proven Solution for Legal Professionals

In today’s competitive environment, enterprises are constantly challenged to deliver products and services at a lower cost and with greater efficiency. To meet these needs, Capital Novus has developed eZManage, a state-of-the-art project management solution for case/matter management, which Capital Novus has been successfully utilizing with it's own teams for over 12 years now. This solution is a comprehensive matter management system that offers an easy and straightforward platform for litigation team members to effectively plan, organize, monitor and control all of their routine tasks and project-related activities.

eZManage provides a robust and reliable interface where project managers can:

  • schedule and execute tasks
  • oversee users
  • monitor and manage time entries
  • generate invoices
  • perform billing and payment operations
  • store valuable information
  • configure user-friendly system setting

Capital Novus's expert developers of eZManage have incorporated first-hand experience from users and have designed the ultimate project management solution which will meet all of your Matter Management needs.



  • Manage entire litigation life cycle with all information about matter.
  • Speed up processes and avoid gaps.
  • Build workflow per business requirement.
  • Prepare E-mail template per organization requirement.
  • Define TASK layout with workflow.
  • Control user permission with easy option in permission management.
  • Time tracking for efficient resource utilization and billing processes.
  • Integration of other systems to automate tasks.




  • Manage new and existing matters.
  • Manage client and internal contacts.
  • Manage E-mail and Task Templates.
  • Manage users and roles.
  • Manage permission on functional level.
  • Advanced reporting features enable the Project Manager to create useful, succinct reports with a minimal time and effort.
  • Log each incoming data set; track information such as data source, custodian, media type, volume, type of data, etc.
  • Create job tickets for specifications of data sets, tasks of user groups, and designation of where data is placed on ingestion server.
  • Assign permissions to users; give users functionalities based on their job requirements.



  • Straightforward, menu-driven interface simplifies the case management, using familiar tools such as pick lists and templates.
  • Ability to leverage information from previous jobs simplifies the management of new tasks, saving time and cost.
  • Accessibility via the internet which enables the PM to monitor and to manage projects at any time from any location.
  • Flexible templates enable optimal handling of many different data types.
  • Dashboard provides "at-a-glance" notice of events or conditions requiring immediate attention of project manager.
  • Instant and automatic notifications of significant events in the life cycle of the matter allow for relevant personnel to obtain constant awareness of activity and current stage of overall process.
  • Avoid resource over or under utilization and tracking of time spent conflict check.
  • Court Reporting.


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