Forensic Data Capture & Collection

Data Capture & Collection

Capital Novus has extensive experience in data capture and collection in nearly every computing environment worldwide. The company uses industry-recognized and accepted procedures, suitable for any legal proceeding. It engages in best practices, including airtight chain-of-custody documentation and storage of data in its secure facility to ensure data integrity.

Data Collection and Preservation

The data collection tasks at Capital Novus are carried out by trained and certified engineers.  The preservation of data or evidence which is fundamental to all discovery activities is handled with utmost care. Capital Novus has state-of-the art data processing and hosting facilities and IT infrastructure for preservation of more than 1.1 Petabytes in North America and approximately 800 Terabytes in Asia and Europe.

Data Restoration

Capital Novus utilizes state of the art technology to index  archival information  and quickly restores data in a  cost-effective manner. The technology lab supports restoration of backup tapes, legacy data and hardware/systems.

Audit Reporting

Capital Novus works closely with clients to provide data collection  reports  to interpret what occurred prior to and during any  incident under investigation. The company prepares  a restoration report containing  information on drive size, active space, imaging application, and custodian.

Capital Novus has supported  many types of cases, including:

  • Trade theft investigations
  • Misappropriation of intellectual property
  • Fraud on the Internet
  • Employment Litigation
  • Security breaches
  • Backdating incidents
  • Spoliation investigations
  • Auditing of data security applications



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