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Analytics eZReview A successful document review solution will inevitably balance factors such as usability, security, speed, precision, cost, and (in many cases critically) the confidence it instills in its primary users. When evaluating alternatives in a watchful market, key stakeholders demand a solution proven over time, and end users demand more – to help them work faster and more effectively in the day-to-day review and administration of eDiscovery data. Litigation professionals and project teams want fewer clicks, a fast, user-friendly interface, more automation of standard workflows, and more customization for individual needs – features that not only match, but surpass established norms. The “wow” factor, a very hard to come by endorsement, is a true testimonial of a product’s ability to satisfy current demands.

eZReview delivers on all accounts. As the foundation for nearly 15 years of excellence in eDiscovery services, eZReview has enabled the eDiscovery work of over ten thousand reviewers, administrators, and attorneys, both domestically and internationally. Honed over time and in direct response to client feedback, eZReview was developed to deliver reliability, scalability, and best-in-class features to satisfy the current needs of the eDiscovery market. Powered by eZAnalytics Engine, critical content analytics and predictive coding are embedded into the eZReview feature set – creating vast efficiencies and a more effective review process. eZReview facilitates all facets of document review through a fast, intuitive, and state-of-the-art interface and advanced features and reporting that speed the administration and effectiveness of document review.

Streamlined, intuitive interface. With amazing speed, the eZReview interface facilitates work flow in a truly intuitive way – enabling users to navigate quickly and minimizing the number of clicks needed to get work done. The reviewer page (where the vast majority of user time is spent) provides core functionality with, like the hub of a wagon wheel, easy navigation to other areas. A highly visible document viewer includes near-native, text, and image versions as well as a production version, a translated version (for foreign language documents), and related documents visualization to view and then filter for duplicates, near-duplicates, email threads, parent/child, etc. There is also a customizable grid and a work product panel for tagging and privilege coding/comments with functionality to minimize user clicks during review:

  • tags do not have to be “saved”, allowing work in a stream-of-consciousness fashion
  • keyboard shortcuts can be customized by the reviewer
  • group tagging applies several, pre-defined tags with a single click

Using right-click functionality and icons along the border, users can navigate to other landing pages for Analytics/ Predictive Coding (click here to learn more about analytics) and to manage the review, batches, and workflows (including automated batch creation, check-out, and check-in).

Advanced features. Some of the more advanced features in eZReview include robust tagging rules and the ability to copy tags to metadata fields and related documents. Tags can also be copied from first review to second review, reducing the need to recode every document – instead, second reviewers simply confirm or revise the first review decisions. Completion criteria can be defined, to prevent a reviewer from stepping off a document or checking-in a batch and automating what otherwise would be multiple manual QC processes. Persistent highlighting can identify key words/phrases or automatically surfaced personally identifiable information such as SSN, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.

Robust, Customizable Reporting. eZReview has some 30+ standard customizable report templates:

  • Production reports reduce the time to QC prior to production – identifying missing family members and whether documents have already been produced. Documents coded as privileged, for example, yet mistakenly marked for production, are also identified.
  • Review Status and Productivity reports provide granular detail on tagging rates, batch/document review progress, rate of tagging decisions being overturned, and user activity.
  • Random Sampling reports allow decision makers to better understand the nature of the data set before review and to QC after the review to validate coding decisions by way of a defensible statistical sample with customized confidence level and error rate.
  • Conflicting Coding Decisions report gives a side-by-side document comparison, facilitating speedy evaluation and resolution of the conflict.

Now in use in the United States and seven (7) international offices, including London, Paris, and Japan, eZReview (the document review module of Capital Novus’ eZSuite) is now available for license to law firms, service providers, corporations, and government. eZReview is a time-proven solution and the most advanced and powerful document review product on the market today.

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