Early Case Assessment with eZVUE

Knowledge Management and ECA with Content Analytics  

The ability to quickly and easily pare down the data universe to a smaller and more relevant population is vital in today's big data environment. eZVue, our efficient ECA system provides the following advantages:

  • Is scalable to accommodate various data sizes and quickly gives a synopsis of a large universe of data.
  • Allows large data sets to be quickly analysed for various matters, resulting in cost savings and an elimination of duplicative efforts.
  • Contains intuitive dashboards that provide a holistic view of collected data, allowing clients to make informed decisions before processing the data for document review and analysis.
  • Provides clients with early access to a variety of search results, allowing them to easily project processing costs and review timelines.
  • Reduces the data set through refined culling procedures.
  • Increases defensibility and control of the e-Discovery process.
  • Provides advanced content analytics to enhance data understanding.
  • Offers a budgeting tool for managing review costs.
  • Allows seamless retention of work product when migrating data from ECA to review platforms.
  • Incorporates a complete audit process.




Capital Novus’ eZSuite module eZVUE is the comprehensive solution. Leveraging new and existing technologies, the application is equipped to handle 250M+ documents in a single database. By integrating advanced case analytics with a simple and logical interface, it puts serious computing power at the user's fingertips.

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