Automatic Document Profiling Tool & TAR Solution

Document Review and Automated Document Profiling (ADP)

A successful document review will inevitably balance the crucial factors such as time, cost, data security, and precision. To effectively navigate through these issues, Capital Novus provides expert technology solutions and support services to fully realize an optimized document review process.

Capital Novus employs an experienced team of engineers, software developers, and client support professionals, who collaborate with project managers and legal teams to provide a comprehensive and cutting-edge e-Discovery Suite. Our customized solutions facilitate all stages and facets of a document review process. These solutions may include advanced content analytics, productivity reporting, and predictive coding processes to build efficiencies into the review process. Capital Novus’ robust platforms, developed and designed for reliability, speed, flexibility, and efficiency, are regularly maintained with software updates at guaranteed time intervals.

Capital Novus' eZSuite module eZReview is the most advanced review system on the market today. It is a powerful, intuitive, secure review module that provides a best-in-class user experience for collaborative document review. It is scalable to suit the needs of every case team.

The Automated Document Profiling (ADP), a TAR solution integrated with eZReview employs a predictive coding methodology to dramatically enhance review efficiency, productivity and cost savings.

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