Electronic Discovery Software

Capital Novus’ eZSuite solution and portfolio of technological services  addresses  all phases of the e-Discovery lifecycle. The company manages all aspects of  data collection, ingestion, processing,  early case assessment, hosting,  review, analysis, presentation and production services. By addressing current electronic discovery requirements and  maintaining the flexibility to address future needs, Capital Novus solutions perform all of the back-end tasks so that attorneys are free to focus on the substantive aspects of their case.

Cost-Effective, Efficient and Secure

By utilizing industry-leading data culling and pre-processing modules,  eZSuite reduces the volume of  data for  review, and resulting in 40-70% savings in e-Discovery costs. eZSuite is a  fully integrated solution  developed in-house and  provides a complete, full-spectrum platform to  cover the entire risk cycle, and thus eliminating the need for any third party plug-in solutions and their  flawless integration. The company is fully equipped  to provide a rapid response to virtually any request for customization. Capital Novus deploys cost-effective, efficient and secure technology solutions to help save time and money.

Tailored to client requirements, Capital Novus provides electronic discovery solutions and support services by providing an ideal mix of data center facilities, network, hardware, software and adequate IT infrastructure for running the applications so that clients can either use them on premise or access them via the Internet.


E-Discovery Software Solutions

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