Case Studies

This complex case required 24/7 support, collection, processing, and hosting of documents for review in both the United States and Japan. The project covered over 15 million documents, approximately 83 GB of data. The U.S. Department of Justice suddenly revised their original requirements, ordered documents conform to a new format and order and be produced in less than two weeks. Reviewers in the U.S., and Japan worked around the clock to complete the project. In the end, all deliverables were turned in before deadline and within budget.

This international case, processed out of Korea and Japan, required sophisticated workflows to accommodate both machine and human document translations. Due to complex restrictions, multi-layered business rules were required to streamline the review process allowing for management of different versions of the same document.

Advanced predictive coding algorithms allowed tight delivery deadlines to be met in a large multinational patent infringement case that spanned multiple time zones. Through seamless integration with the review tool, concurrent data collection across international boundaries provided an efficient and successful solution to a complex multi-layer matter.

Several sites across the United States maintained terabytes of data and millions of documents that required a massive collection and coordination effort to quickly ingest and produce responsive documents to opposing counsel. Using advanced analytics, outside counsel was able to rapidly target all documents containing personally identifiable information and produce required documents, even as project scope and custodians were significantly increased.

This multi-lingual case required international collection and client consultation to overcome distinct challenges and an extremely short turn-around.

A client in the financial industry required the extraction of a large data set archived in a legacy system. Work that would have taken months was accelerated through reverse engineering expertise that not only saved the client a significant outlay of time and expense, but also resulted in reusable data that will be available for future matters.

This case involved a multi-gigabyte collection in the European Union and required commencement in less than 24 hours. The team was able to target the data collection through advanced culling techniques and supported 100 concurrent users while significantly improving the efficiency of the review. The legal review team was trained and working on active documents within 20 minutes.

A large pharmaceutical patent litigation consisting of numerous satellite offices required a streamlined workflow that encapsulated everything from scanning hard-copy documents to the development of presentations for pre-trial hearings. The project included frequent reporting on reviewer progress, and a comprehensive audit sent to the case team on a regular basis to ensure quality through various phases of the project.

In connection with a contract dispute related to a power transmission line construction project, Capital Novus was contracted to provide conversion, processing, and hosting of data derived from a proprietary third-party project management system.

Capital Novus assisted with the orchestration of a solution that would enable four distinct co-defendants and two third-parties to protect their individual interests, while also protecting the interests of the collective group. Firms were provided with a set of documents to be shared amongst the co-defendants, and each defendant required the ability to make document designations without conflicting those of another defendant. Produced documents were required to be provided to opposing counsel in a secured fashion using the same hosting platform. Capital Novus implemented a shared database solution with custom feature development in order to facilitate this activity. Documents identified as trial exhibits were then exported for loading into an industry-standard trial presentation software.

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