The Louisiana SPCA, a state agency, faces another in a series of budget cuts, leaving other animal resource organizations in the region concerned regarding the ability of the SPCA to handle its current load. [See more at .] State organizations across the nation face similar shortages in various services with budget cuts functioning as the only response remaining.

How can these services address their performance challenges with reduced budgets? How can the leaders of these services address their loss in financial resources in a way that gives them a chance to achieve the goals of their respective organizations?

Agencies look to performance based budgeting models to achieve their organizational goals within the limited budgets assigned. Performance based budgeting provides a framework for strategic planning, ongoing activity monitoring, and performance reviewing within the context of organization goals.


Capital Novus provides a solution for this problem with technology that drives organizational performance equitable to budget goals. Cascade, a performance based budgeting system that integrates with most major financial systems, can be used by government organizations to proactively address performance issues affecting financial results. Cascade provides tools for organizations to set budget goals and to monitor organizational activity on an ongoing basis to ensure realization of prescribed activities within budget margins. Cascade has been developed as a proactive tool, but can also help organizations experiencing budget cuts to develop a plan of performance based on the new budgets assigned.


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