Quality control can be a daunting task — no reviewer wants to go over all of their own documents a second time just to ensure the coding is correct. A linear review of every eligible document can prove costly the first time, thereby making a second review pass undesirable from a cost perspective. How can legal teams ensure the accuracy of the review while minimizing the cost of subsequent passes over previously reviewed documents?

Capital Novus addresses this concern with eZReview’s Random Sample tool, an easy, defensible way to save time and money for case teams.  Using your own specifications, you can do a QC review of large data sets by reviewing a fraction of the documents.  Capital Novus’ tools allow for the user to set their own confidence level and margin of error in order to confirm that the sample is a true representation of the selected data set. 

In eZReview, the Administrator can easily generate a random sample on the fly in order to begin their QC.  Using the convenient application wizard, one can select exclusions, sample criteria, and weightage percentages to their data set in order to get a more complete representation of what they would like to QC. 

eZReview provides the ability to exclude documents from the sample set to ensure the reviewer only reviews what is necessary to their QC.  It also allows for the user to create their sample based off of a confidence level formula or by using a fixed number or percentage of documents.  While the above functions are fairly standard, eZReview also has the ability to set weightage percentages on the document set you would like to QC:



The weight function allows the reviewer to prioritize the sample set depending on review preference.  This feature provides an in-depth look to specifically check the quality of any field, reviewer, or tag, as needed.  For example: If you know a particular reviewer’s documents need to be double checked more closely than others, then you can apply a majority percentage for the sample. 

Knowing that QC is an integral to ensuring a review has been properly performed, eZReview contains many other features that can be used to help.  Analytical tools such as conflicting decision reports and e-mail domain analytics can be used to mitigate coding contradictions and the inclusion of privilege domains, respectively.  These practices while helpful, should be an initial topic of a case teams review strategy.  While Quality Control is a crucial part of a review, always make sure that specifics for assurance are decided in the beginning, in order to keep your review organized.    

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