With careful consideration of current privacy law developments, intraorganizational e-mail communications can provide a ripe hunting ground for internal investigations.

Legal teams manage these engagements in a fashion similar to litigation, where they identify their “key custodians” as a starting point. Investigators delve into who knew about the investigated activity, who was involved within the organization, and how they participated together.

In addition to searching for known terms that might identify related materials, e-Discovery database packages provide a means to examine the most common method of documented communication, e-mail records, using various tools.

In some cases, investigators need to determine how wide the participation spread within the organization, exclusive of outside involvement. The e-discovery databases provide methods, if not turnkey features, for identifying related internal communications. The analytics tools screen for e-mail exchanges between in-house participants based on domains. If strategically required, analytics tools can exclude any emails that involved parties outside the organization. This type of screening quickly provides a pool of documents that can be used as a basis for analysis of relevant discussions.

The investigating team uses the resulting selected messages as a source for further searching and investigation.

Investigators use key phrase analytics from the key documents to identify discussion themes within the internal communications and to identify additional terms relevant to the investigation.  Iterations of key phrase analytics provide a framework for follow up searches and refinement.

As a follow up assessment, the identified terms can be applied across the database to identify communications that included external party contact that may have been excluded previously. Domain analytics can be deployed across the additional documents to identify external participants. Investigators can review the list of domains and counts of the number of messages exchanged with that domain to determine if any relationships or discussions require further investigation.

Investigators complete discussion threads with e-mail thread analytics to review documents in context of all unique in-line discussions and unique attachments.

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