As defensibility ranks as one of the prime concerns when producing relevant electronic data, what options do technology platforms have that alleviate the question of whether a party has adequately retrieved all eligible documents from a matter dataset?  When the disposition of a specific document comes into question, how can a legal team examine the decision points and parties who decided to produce, withhold, or claim privilege on a particular document? 

Capital Novus solves these problems with eZReview’s audit tools which reduce skepticism regarding the integrity of editable content associated with document review.  The eZReview Audit Searches provide a fast and transparent way to learn a case’s unique document review by combining system generated audit fields with an advanced search engine to generate results detailing the actions taken within a case’s e-Discovery database.

The eZReview search builder includes six (6) search functions associated with review activity audits: Reviewers, Duration, Tag, Comments, Annotation, and Operation. Each of the audit search functions can be used to determine:

  • Who affected the data?
  • What data element was affected?
  • What feature was used to affect the document information?
  • When the change was made?

Similar to proximity searching, Audit Searching allows users to build a search that will generate documents relevant to the criterion entered. The searches built using the various audit functions generate a history of all operations performed on the document.

For example, if users want to identify documents marked responsive on 08/22/2016 by a particular reviewer, giving no regard to any iterative changes to the document designations since that time, the audit search can generate a list of documents fitting such criteria.

Audit logs allow legal teams to review all actions taken and decisions made for a single document. The Audit Search can gather critical information in a concise, efficient, and customized manner.


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