eZVUE® - Knowledge Management and ECA Module

The ability to view, access, and manage Electronically Stored Information (ESI) across your enterprise is a core competency for operating in today’s complex business environment. Capital Novus’ eZSuite module eZVUE provides content intelligence and ready access to meaningful analysis of large data sets for effectively navigating legal and regulatory matters.

eZVUE helps reduce data sets at the beginning stages of a matter. Teams can effectively plan the pre-stages of litigation before embarking a full review. Fully complementary with, and integrated into Capital Novus modular eZSuite, eZVUE is another module to help control costs and ensure efficiency.


Cost Reductions and Time Savings

  • Search and assessment efficiency provides realizable cost savings
  • Average data reduction of 40-60%
  • Rapid learning curve so users can analyze mass quantities of data quickly
  • Seamless integration with eZSuite

Quick and Efficient Decision Making

  • Quickly drill in and out of information with ease
  • Rapid information and data evaluation allows for early decision making regarding litigation profile
  • Rapid searching across TBs (terabytes) of data
  • Simplified management of all legal information across your enterprise

Scalable, Customizable and Secure

  • Scalable and modular, capable of managing thousands or billions of documents
  • Customizable functionalities tailored to your matter
  • Ability to configure user access and restrictions


Primary Functions

  • Case management capabilities such as cost estimation, resource allotment, and time scheduling for effective decision making
  • Centralized management of multiple matters
  • Robust domain analytics for effective searching between sender and recipient domains
  • Data de-duplication with custodian priority capabilities
  • Data channeled through eZProcess and represented within eZVUE case view hierarchy, where users can create limitless “VUEs” of data
  • Seamless navigation between information residing in different data bins allowing users to quickly identify the composition of a data set
  • Random sampling capability to determine success of assessment process
  • Dynamic reporting and instant data exporting
  • Ability to support numerous applications

Smart Search

  • Boolean searches across all data, in addition to full-text with proximity, stemming, fuzzy, and dictionary-based support as well as smart dictionary look-up
  • Automated key terms and phrase detection
  • Linguistic pattern matching with "like this" searches
  • Advanced relational and database field searches
  • Key phrase analysis using advanced eZVUE algorithms, combining weighted term frequency and linguistics rules
  • Near-duplicate identification through the eZVUE text chunk hashing algorithm
  • Dynamic search and assessment reports for effective decision making

Advanced Features

  • Output folder creation and data promotion to eZReview® or other review platforms
  • E-mail thread identification and social communication networking analysis of e-mail addresses
  • Topical clusters and graphs to identify data groupings
  • Grouping of related content with similarity analytics
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