eZReview® - A TAR & Work Flow enabled Document Review Module

Capital Novus' eZSuite module eZReview is the most advanced review platform incorporating rich content analytics and predictive coding technology. Renowned for its security, reliability, and ease of use, eZReview allows legal teams to rapidly review electronically stored information (ESI) and assess even the most complex cases by using powerful analytics engineered by Capital Novus. eZReview provides best-in-class user experience with the maximum flexibility to review documents collaboratively and efficiently, enabling legal teams to manage and review large quantities of electronic documents quickly and affordably. 

eZReview Overview



  • Simple navigation with intuitive user interface
  • Rapid learning curve allows your team to begin reviewing documents right away


  • Myriad of time-saving features tailored to client preferences from keyboard shortcuts to logic-driven review rules to ensure a speedy and accurate review
  • Workflow management allows case administrators to easily manage multiple review phases simultaneously
  • Search capabilities providing unparalleled speed and precision
  • Mass Tagging options are customizable and help users save time


  • Fully scalable and capable of managing terabytes of case-related documents
  • Agile and customizable
  • Dual monitor capabilities
  • Ability to transfer Work Product created in eZReview back into eZVUE to drill down data


  • Routinely upgraded to integrate client feedback from distinguished global law firms and corporations, and to anticipate evolving e-Discovery challenges
  • Nimble, constantly upgraded platform designed to anticipate evolving litigation challenges


  • Maximum uptime with highly redundant infrastructure

eZReview Features


TAR/Predictive Coding

  • eZReview® incorporates Capital Novus’ Automated Document Profiling (ADP) probabilistic review methodology, dramatically increasing review efficiencies to enhance productivity and reduce costs.
  • Achieve between 70% and 90% in review cost savings by focusing efforts on only the most relevant data
  • Increase consistency and accuracy
  • Create models for future data application

Doculytics (Document Analytics)

  • Key-Phrasing and Clustering
    • Identify significant phrases and themes within the dataset
    • Cluster documents thematically at the matter level, and generate dynamic themes based on a search
  • E-mail Threading
    • Identify, navigate, and categorize e-mail conversational threads quickly and easily
  • Duplicates and Near-Duplicates
    • Identify exact duplicates to avoid redundancy
    • Content-based identification and comparison of near-duplicate documents, based on similarity percentage established by user
  • Domain Analytics
    • Determine prevalent domains in the dataset for meaningful case analysis
    • Quickly isolate relevant e-mails for targeted sender/recipient domains
  • Foreign Language Support
    • 100% Unicode compliant solution
    • Simple interface for user-generated translations

eZReview Benefits.png


Native and Converted File Review

  • Fully supports native file formats and review of converted file formats

Manage Review Workflow

  • Define logic-based rules to drive reviewer performance and automate the decision-making process
  • Quickly create user-defined Tags/Coded fields for ongoing reviews as the case evolves
  • Binders allow users various ways to categorize or classify

Redactions and Annotations

  • Create multiple redaction and annotation overlays for complex matters involving several parties

Advanced Search

  • Dynamic capability to construct complex search criteria covering the many facets of a data set

Robust Reporting

  • Sophisticated reporting to quickly analyze review status by custodian, user productivity, and nearly any aspect of a complete data set


  • Permission-driven security matrix allows for restricted access to a database for varying user roles within the same organization or multiparty matters
  • ISO 27001 and 9001 Certified to ensure the highest level of security
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