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eZProcess screenshoteZProcess is a robust data processing and production module that empowers large to small case teams to tackle any given data set. It is extremely scalable and full-featured solution that seamlessly amalgamates with all the modules of Capital Novus’ eZSuite which is powered by eZAnalytics Engine. Moreover, it also provides ingesting and producing load files for any review tool on the market. Its repeatable templated approach and automated workflows allows to streamline data processing requirements and enrich the user experience reducing the learning curve and standardizing the best practices. eZProcess reduces turn-around time by automating the process of most complex, diverse, and voluminous structured and unstructured datasets, giving litigation professionals flexible and feature-rich control over how they process and produce ESI.

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eZProcessTM Delivers


Efficient Processing and Production Oversight  
  • Global and Matter-Level Dashboards
  • Process Visualization
  • Extensive Admin Features & Functionalities
  • Seamless Integration
  • Automated Task-Based Resource Allocation
  • Automated Archival/Restoration of Matters


Custom Streamlining of Workflows  
  • Structured/Unstructured Data
  • Production Automation
  • Distributed & Parallel Processing
  • Breakneck Turnaround
  • 3rd Party Processed & Produced Data
  • Standardization
  • Multilingual Support
  • Leaner Staffing Requirements
  • Multiple Translation Versions
  • Customizable and Reusable Templates


Quality And Control Over Data Processing & Production  
  • Multi-Pass Exception Processing
  • Automated Reporting
  • Macro to Micro Process and User Auditing
  • User Alerts & Email Notifications
  • Robust & Customizable Reporting


Enhanced Insight and Value  
  • Comprehensive Data Visualization
  • Pre-Processing Culling, Prioritization, and Grouping
  • Enhanced System File Removal
  • Automatic Identification of Personal Information
  • Multidimensional Data Analysis powered by eZAnalytics Engine
  • Automatic Translation of Non-English Language Documents
eZProcessTM Key Benefits
  NATIVE APPLICATION PROCESSING Efficient extraction and processing of multiple data types
  SIMPLE & USER FRIENDLY INTERFACE Very intuitive layout and arrangement of features
  COST & TIME SAVING Data is quickly processed using the best available algorithms and methods
  AUTOMATED DATA LOADING Monitors ingestion and production queues, recognizes and interprets instruction to ingest, and automatically begins pre-processing
  ENHANCED DeNisting Comprehensive removal of irrelevant system file types
  DEFENSIBLE Accepted industry processes and best practices
  FLEXIBLE Ingestion and output to any 3rd party load file and conversion of image file types from one industry standard to another
  EFFECTIVE & EFFICIENT Standardized load templates, processing in different time zones/languages within the same matter, automatic language translation
  SCALABLE  Process terabytes of data in a single case
  EXTENSIVE ADMINISTRATIVE CONTROL Standard and custom reports throughout the various stages of the project
  COMPATIBLE Ingest any load files and output to any review platform
  CUSTOM CULLING Reducing the footprint on your network and servers

Global and Matter-Level Dashboards

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