eZAnalyticsTM - Advance Discovery and Intelligence Agent

Provides Unique Multidimensional Views into Data through proven Analytical algorithms

Capital Novus' eZSuite incorporates the eZAnalytics module, which is a powerful and highly efficient analytics solution. eZAnalytics provides information mining and in-depth presentations of the analyzed content in multidimensional views to the end-user. This is the most advanced technology on the market for handling a wide range of enterprise content, including foreign languages. Our innovative development team, which includes the best engineers and mathematicians, has developed a true Technology Assisted Review (TAR) solution powered by eZAnalytics that greatly reduces the time to sort through large volumes of data, enhances document discovery and brings much needed consistency across various data formats.

Analytics include

  • Near-Duplication
  • Entity Analytics identifying Person, Organizations, Locations and key Dates
  • Content Clustering
  • Email Threading
  • Domain Analytics
  • Key Phrases
  • Content Noise removal 
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