eZSuite™ - Holistic E-Discovery Solution

eZSuite, an enterprise-class software, is the result of years of experience and development by Capital Novus. This feature rich information management software suite provides a centralized management environment for data capture, flexible data processing, document review, production management, legal knowledge management, litigation risk mitigation, and business process improvement. Originally deployed in the fall of 2002 for use in a Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model, eZSuite supports corporations, law firms, government and services partners around the globe. Its deployment history includes internal installations with private and public cloud implementations. On a global scale. this suite has exclusively managed some of the largest and complex information management challenges in contemporary banking litigation.

eZSuite was designed as an integrated suite of modules for information management, e-Discovery and Knowledge Management. It is comprised of four modules: eZProcess for data capture and production, eZAnalytics for data discovery, eZVUE knowledge management and ECA, and eZReview for review workflow management.



eZProcess is a powerful data ingestion, processing, treatment, and monitoring system. The software can ingest and process several hundred file formats, including: MS Office suite (including Microsoft Word®, Microsoft Excel®, and Microsoft PowerPoint®); various messaging and chat systems such as Lotus Notes, GroupWise, Eudora, Bloomberg, Reuters; audio, and video files. The software supports the ingestion of scanned documents and structured data sets from various proprietary systems. The data capture module fully extracts metadata, and text from each file, including system-level and document-level metadata (embedded). This module extracts embedded objects to ensures that any associated metadata is also extracted.

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eZVUE is a cross disciplinary electronically stored information repositories. eZVUE provides key elements critical to early case assessment (ECA) such as analytics; mass categorization of records; dynamic folders with on-the-fly and automatic population; searching; and exporting sets of data to be processed for review. The module equips users with search capabilities such as linguistic pattern matching and symantic latent indexing.

eZAnalytics enables content intelligent features such as Key-Phrase, Content Clustering, E-mail Threading, Near De-duplication, Domain, and Entity Analytics. 

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eZReview is an advanced review platform which incorporates rich content analytics, predictive coding technology, and production export preparation. This module is a highly secure and intuitive system allowing legal teams to rapidly review electronically stored information (ESI). eZReview also provides maximum flexibility to review documents collaboratively and efficiently. The litigation module provides both native and converted file review through the incorporation of a powerful workflow manager. The workflow manager enables administrators to defined logic-based rules to drive reviewer performance and automate the decision-making process 

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