Cryptacomm® - A Virtual Data Room & Document Repository

A Collaborative Platform for the Digital Era

Cryptacomm is a virtual data room and secure document repository that brings greater efficiency to collaboration among geographically dispersed teams. It is designed to mitigate the burden of file management across an organization and creates a centralized location to store, access and share the documents especially for exchanging confidential information that is protected with enhanced security options. Retention of documents and work products in Cryptacomm, becomes a greater knowledge asset and permits the reusability of retained knowledge, bringing higher efficiency and minimizing gaps on future tasks.



  • Simple and intuitive deal folder structure
  • Enhanced reporting on deal progress
  • Closing checklist
  • Facility for blackline/redline comparison of deal documents
  • Robust permission controls for administrators



  • Easily upload, organize, and share deal documents
  • Maintain original, blacklined and final versions
  • Compare differences between document versions at the granular level
  • Customize closing checklist to monitor progress
  • Comprehensive audit tracking of user activity



  • Bring transparency, security, and neutrality to the deal process
  • Maintain integrity of deal documents
  • Reduce time by easily navigating complex deals
  • Q&A tool facilitates streamlined collaboration between parties
  • Permission-driven functionalities facilitate customized access for multiple parties

Cryptacomm® Brings Corporate Contracting to the Digital Era.

Accessible online, Cryptacomm® maintains all of the versions of deal documents in a centralized location, making them available to all parties. The platform features:
  • A secure repository for all documents;
  • Accessibility to all closing documents, including post-closing deliverables and amendments;
  • Tracking and auditing all deal-related activity
  • Printing security control and watermark options.

Cryptacomm® Reduces the Costs Associated with Corporate Transactions

  • Alleviating the burden on servers created by bulky attachments to e-mails;
  • Providing lightning fast, streamlined access for deal participants and teams;
  • Minimizing the need for physical storage sites;
  • Reducing the amount of time spent by attorneys organizing documents.

A Few Clicks Away from Closing the Deal.

When the time comes to close a deal, Cryptacomm® allows parties to confirm that all deliverables have been received by quickly reviewing finalized documents in the closing room. In addition, users can:
  • Post signature pages to be held in escrow;
  • Easily locate the final version of documents;
  • Create closing binders in a matter of minutes.

You Close the Deals. We Close the Loops.

Cryptacomm® keeps all parties current on the documentation for the transaction. Parties are able to:
  • Review and compare document versions to easily track changes;
  • Receive e-mail notifications when documents are posted;
  • Limit and define which users are provided access to deal documents.

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