Cascade Performance-Based Budgeting Software™

For Federal, State, and Local Agencies and Corporations

Cascade Performance-Based Budgeting Software™ is an innovative, web-based software solution that supports a comprehensive approach to performance management by integrating:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Performance Budgeting
  • Performance Reporting

This uniquely effective solution explicitly links (a) general, long-term goals, to (b) measurable performance targets, to (c) day-to-day program activities – with (d) costs and (e) results. Designed by John Mercer, the "father of GPRA" (Government Performance and Results Act) and foremost expert in performance-based budgeting, Cascade offers an unequalled level of subject matter expertise in supporting governmental Performance Management.

Cascade is the upfront performance planning and reporting tool that is missing from enterprise financial management and budget solutions. Its ability to interface with any ODBC-compliant database means that by adding Cascade to an existing system, a conventional budgeting approach can be turned into a powerful performance planning, budgeting and management system.

For Federal Agencies: Cascade is specifically designed to support compliance with the GPRA, the GPRA Modernization Act, and Related OMB Guidance. The platform offers an unequaled level of subject matter expertise in supporting governmental Performance Management for all government organizations.

To receive a PDF copy of the Cascade product brochure, or to submit a question to our Government Performance Consulting team, please send your request/inquiry to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


For detailed information and insights about government performance management, including examples, about Performance-Based Budgeting and Performance Management Systems, please visit the Strategisys website at

Why Cascade? Overview of Product Benefits

  • Offers exceptional level of transparency and accountability in governmental operations, thereby driving continuous improvement in program performance and cost-effectiveness.
  • Provides managers tools to manage-for-results, while allowing them to demonstrate the effectiveness of both their programs and their own management skills.
  • Enables senior agency leadership to obtain constant awareness of all programs and activities throughout a large organization.
  • Ensures that every activity of every program makes meaningful contribution to overall mission of agency and its priority goals.
  • Maximizes ability of legislators and policymakers to distinguish programs and activities that are efficient and effective, from those that are not.
  • Publishable plans and reports provide a means for addressing the public's lack of confidence in the efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability of government.

Key Features of Cascade

  • Strategic Planning: Creates multi-year strategic plans used to drive the structure and development of the annual performance budget, or the performance budget can be created on its own.
  • Performance Budgeting: Develops performance budgets that include the goals, strategies, and costs for every manager at every level of the organization and at every location – including an optional budget form that supports Activity-Based Costing.
  • Performance Reporting: Provides performance scorecards that show interim progress toward each goal throughout the year, with costs expended, color-coded summaries, and narrative explanations.
  • Document Management: The user can attach back-up documentation directly to a specific strategy summary, showing further detailed plans, budget justifications, reports, maps, charts, etc.
  • Add Comments: Reviewers can attach comments and instructions to any goal during plan/budget development, with automatic notification of the manager.
  • Support Function Assistance: A single compilation of all the assistance that program managers described as needing from a particular support function (CIO, CFO, HR) as part of their strategy to meet a goal.
  • Managerial Accountability Plans: Automatic compilation into a single document of each manager's own performance plans for all of their goals, no matter how widely distributed throughout the plan/budget.
  • Flexibility: Offers an exceptional degree of flexibility to the organization, including in how it structures the various relationships between higher-level goals of senior managers and the supporting goals of subordinate managers, and in providing a selection of Performance Budget forms to be used at different levels of the organization.
  • How-to Guidance: Explanations, suggestions, and examples are provided to users throughout the templates, with expert guidance on how to develop meaningful goals, effectively summarize strategies, address particular items, etc.
  • Scalability: Strategic plans and performance budgets can be scaled to include even the largest organization with many levels in its goal hierarchy, while clearly linking every manager's program goals to the highest-level outcome measures.
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