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Law Firms

With over years of experience in delivering solutions to top law firms globally, Capital Novus believes that complete transparency is essential in building a solid relationship. Understanding that cost predictability, reliability and flexibility to meet changes is central in meeting a client’s needs. It is must to comply with cross border issues in today's flat world.

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Corporations face many challenges arising from cascading litigations using multiple professional providers like law firms and consulting houses. Capital Novus believes that giving corporate clients greater control and transparency with respect to the cost associated with the entire Risk Mitigation Cycle is instrumental in increasing efficiencies while minimizing mistakes.

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Headquartered in the nation's capital, Capital Novus has the ability to address and solve the many core issues facing the government sector, ranging from Process Review, FOIA, Compliance and IT issues. With CASCADE as the only complete solution for GPRA and its Modernization Act, Capital Novus’ e-Discovery, Content Management, and Information Technology expertise are unparalleled.

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Become a partner in the Capital Novus Partner program, you will discover that teaming up with Capital Novus is an easy and smart move for your business. It offers tools and resources to help you raise revenues and profits, and provides the flexibility and expertise your customers deserve. Proven solutions guarantee your success.

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