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Complete Matter Management Solutions

Capital Novus provides litigation solutions to top law firms around the globe. By integrating seamlessly with your case teams, we serve as an extension of your organization. We are able to meet any changing project requirements and work with you to stay within budget. Customization is the biggest option available to every client. 

Our Litigation Solutions includes complete data processing; analytics/predictive based review; knowledge management & ECA; virtual data room; and project management. Capital Novus engineering power has been proven and tested for almost fourteen years by law firms, corporate and government environments. Our people know the right questions to ask and they know how to listen when you answer. Long experience and tested methodologies with the best of trainings enable you to succeed in defining goals, create the road map to make those goals attainable, and zero-in on potential trouble spots, especially the hidden ones that can throw the best-laid plans into disarray. 

Content Analysis & Knowledge Management

Having the ability to understand and utilize the insights and experiences gained from previous analysis of large amounts of legal documents and data is a critical and valuable component of all our solutions. By utilizing Capital Novus eZSuite, clients access data that is hosted in a central repository which serves as a knowledge management portal for all of the legal work-product of the enterprise. Whether or not you have previously used any of the individual modules within eZSuite, Capital Novus solutions provide an integrated and centralized information management environment that can contain all documents and data in multiple formats, and the results of previous data analysis—all of which are easily accessible and reusable in the future.

Our powerful, extensible, integrated, and flexible solutions allow users to truly understand all of the insights gained from a single document or class of documents, to achieve a clear understanding of why certain decisions were made relating to particular records, and most importantly, to obtain the knowledge to leverage relevant data decisions in upcoming and similar case situations. As all summaries and information are saved and stored in the knowledge management platform to be accessed at a later date, this powerful capability truly allows any organization to dramatically save costs, especially relating to document and records access and review.

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